Manzanita Naturals' Kwik CBD is the newest offering in our acclaimed Kwik Ease line of infused shots. With 100mg of strain-specific Valentine X CBD and an irresistible orange-mango flavor, Kwik CBD brings you CBD like never before.


Kwik CBD fits perfectly into any wellness routine. Its unique formulation combines all the wellness benefits of CBD with healing herbs such as turmeric and ginger root, providing a calm, soothing energy to aid in rest and recovery. The 5mg cap allows you to control your dosage with ease, eliminating any need for dosing stress or overthinking.


Kwik CBD is nano-emulsified, allowing for a faster onset and longer effect. It's also fully dispersible in all your favorite beverages. So whether you drink it straight or prefer a relaxing mocktail, Kwik CBD always meets your needs.

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