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  • Why should you drink your cannabis?
    Good question! With so many ways to consume cannabis, why should you choose to drink it? Well, there are several good reasons. ​ Health: In most cases, beverages are a healthier option than smoking flower or vaping. By drinking your weed, you cleanly sidestep any impact that smoking or vaping may have on your lungs. You also get the added benefit of the functional ingredients that our formulations contain. And if dietary health is your concern, beverages are still the way to go. Instead of consuming a brownie or piece of candy, you can opt for a healthier option like our sparkling water, which has zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories. ​ Convenience: Beverages are incredibly convenient! Say you want to use cannabis in a social setting. Instead of having to search for an appropriate place to smoke, you can just enjoy a beverage wherever you are. Beverages also allow you to control your dosage easily. Instead of splitting apart brownies or gummies on a bartop, just drink your desired amount and re-cap the bottle. Or, if you prefer to take things slowly, you can create a mocktail and sip on it over time. Whatever your preference, beverages only make it easier. ​ Quality: Beverages provide an extremely balanced and satisfying high. Not only do they have a rapid onset, they also last longer than vape or flower (and just as long as other edibles). So you get the best of both worlds – a longer-lasting high that kicks in right away. The beverage form also allows us to leverage carrier oils to maximize the bioavailability of the THC you’re consuming. Carrier oils are one of the defining constituents of your buzz. They determine how quickly the onset of the high is and how well the cannabinoids are absorbed by your body. Without a properly-selected carrier oil or, worse, no carrier oil at all, the cannabis you consume is considerably less effective. In our beverages, we use an optimized proprietary blend of carrier oils that increases the bioavailability of the contained THC by several magnitudes. Between this improved bioavailability and a greatly reduced onset time (~10 minutes vs. nearly 2 hours for some edibles), our beverages offer a level of quality that’s hard to find anywhere else. ​ Discretion: There’s also a discretion advantage to using beverages. Beverages have no odor and no conspicuous signs associated with their use (such as smoke or vape clouds). This makes them perfect for any scenario where privacy is important, like indoor use or for parents with young children. Our beverages also have sleek, standardized packaging that makes them blend in well with other non-infused beverages. Our Kwik Ease line is especially great in this area, with 100mg of THC in a small, easily portable 2oz bottle. So if you want to use cannabis and not stand out while you do it, beverages are the way to go.
  • How’s it made?
    We’re glad you asked. All Manzanita Naturals products are handcrafted in small batches through a unique process that merges premium ingredients with cutting-edge technology. We begin our process by sourcing the best ingredients available, including the highest-grade THC oil on the market. We then blend these ingredients in a two-part nano-emulsification process that utilizes high shear homogenization and high frequency sonication techniques. The upshot of this fancy jargon is that our beverages are extremely smooth and never have an unpleasant oily mouthfeel. In addition, we carefully select our carrier oils to promote an optimal combination of quick onset, high bioavailability (a better buzz), and enhanced flavor. And, of course, we conduct the entire process with industry-standard GMP and top-tier brewing equipment.
  • How do you ensure the quality of your product?
    We source premium CO2-extracted cannabis oil that has been rigorously tested to ensure that our beverages are always microbe- and pesticide-free. Two facts about the CO2 extraction process: using supercritical liquid CO2 for cannabis extraction eliminates any microbial bacteria, mold, or mildew that may be present in the plant. This guarantees that all concentrates are 100% pure and healthy for you to consume. In addition, CO2 is nontoxic and CO2 extraction does not contribute to carbon emission increases in our atmosphere. This helps us to ensure that our environmental impact remains at a minimum.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    If you are a licensed buyer of a California canabis-retailer, yes, we offer bulk discounts on orders of four cases or more! To learn more about our bulk discounts and ordering process please contact us here! We do not sell anything directly to consumers.
  • What is the shelf life on our products?
    Manzanita Naturals products can be kept refrigerated before opening for approximately 1 year. Upon opening the bottle, we recommend drinking within one week for best taste.
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